Welcome! On this page you will find out how allergies can be causually explained and what potential possibilities there are to resolve them at any time. The underlying medical model is freely available to you (see below).
Based on this, we have created a practical course that can show every interested person a way to search for the cause of their allergy with our individual support and how to do the resolution afterwards, which in many cases has already been possible very easily and successfully.
Various real-life experience reports will be shown and discussed during the course. All further information in the following video:

We hope we could motivate you in the video to follow this track ?
So here is a short overview of the basic data of the course, a link to the introductory series as a prerequisite and the quiz followed by a registration form:

1. Overview of the course

Duration: 7 days – individual pace and own times possible
Effort: 5 to 10 hours
After the successful, completed test phase with various successful resolutions, participation as a starting gift is completely free of charge for the first 50 participants (with registration until May 31th – extended due to Corona…). Afterwards the following prices apply:

100 Euro – of which 20 Euro at the beginning and 80* Euro only in case of success at the end

* For your experience report we offer you a reduction of 50% to 100%!
Here a small note: In the Internet, so-called “success fees” are presented as dubious in some contexts. In our case, however, we ourselves consider this to be absolutely honest and fair, as we simply do not want to take a full course price as long as your allergy could not be successfully resolved. This means that we only want to receive and accept the payment if we can actually help you with the course. Of course, this would not work if we did not think that the chances of this would be quite good. In our opinion, this solution is therefore exclusively beneficial for you and us! Of course, we also trust in your honesty to pay the remaining costs if you are successful or alternatively to provide us with your experience report in the appropriate form.

  • The following introduction series
  • Willingness to participate completely on one’s own responsibility and self-determined
Instead of “small print” and general terms and conditions: We are no friends of small print and page-long terms and conditions that nobody reads anyway. Therefore we waive them completely and only point out the things that are legally required:

  • We are not doctors or therapists and of course we are not allowed/not willing to make diagnoses or therapy recommendations.
  • The course has been developed based on our personal experience and enthusiasm for the topic. And because of the obvious fact that there is a great need for it due to the very high spread of allergies. As with all actions based on the model used, participation is 100% self-responsible.
  • If, despite honest intentions and the previous viewing of the introductory series, you realize at some point after registration that it shouldn’t be for you after all, just write us an email and we will of course transfer the course costs back to you. You are welcome to take up to one month to do so.

2. Introduction series

As mentioned in the video above, you can now watch the freely available introductory series “Disease is Different” to get an overview of the medical model that enables causal understanding and resolution of allergies.

Even if allergies are only briefly mentioned in the course itself, an understanding of these basics is necessary and therefore a prerequisite for participation in the course. Before registration is possible, we therefore ask in the following short quiz whether the series has been watched completely and understood fundamentally.

Here it goes to the series, we wish you a lot of fun and above all great new insights for your future health!

3. Quiz & Registration

We hope you had a lot of fun with the series and would be happy if you would like to register for our course. Please answer the following three questions, which should not be a problem after the video series. Then you can register for the course (if you have already registered, you can click on “Login” in the upper right corner to log in with your username and password)!


What is the SBS?
Can I check some aspects of the 5 biological laws of nature myself?
In the example tumor patient the SBS of the mammary glands started due to:

5 Biologische Naturgesetze

Germanische Neue Medizin, Neue Medizin, Germanische Heilkunde, Dr. Hamer, 5BN, GNM

Hier findest du eine Einführungs-Videoserie zu den 5 Biologischen Naturgesetzen (5BN) der Neuen Medizin, die historisch auch als Germanische Neue Medizin (GNM) oder Germanische Heilkunde (GH) bezeichnet wird.
Die Biologischen Naturgesetze wurden von Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer entdeckt.